About Us

Union Ice Trading Ltd. is an associate company of Talent Wealth Group Ltd. which was established in 1985 by a number of renowned and experienced professional engineers of electrical, mechanical, structural and environmental disciplines. The company was used to partner with Coca Cola to install a number of Coke plants in the Mainland China and had operated convenient food plants as well as designed and built many food processing and packaging plants such as frozen food, beverage, brewery, feed mill, flour mill, etc. in the PRC. The company is associated with industrial venture funds to improve Mainland industries. Union Ice Trading Ltd. is operated by professionals including nutritionalists, environmentalists, chartered and professional engineers, accountants and professional managers.

Union Ice has partnered with quality dry ice suppliers to develop the Hong Kong market.

Since the China Town Gas is phasing out the coal gas production, it is understood that there is no longer “local” dry ice production capability to HK users presently. All dry ice supplied to Hong Kong is relying on importation from the Mainland China.

In order to keep up seamless and flawless dry ice supply to Hong Kong users, Union Ice has built cold rooms with dry ice storage capacity each to keep adequate local inventory.

Our management strongly believes that by introducing Union Ice to the dry ice business, we could provide alternative choice to the consumers in respect of better quality and more competitive prices. With Union Ice as one of the dry ice suppliers, it will create more competitive edge to improving customers services and cost control.